“L is for Loser, the battle through infertility” book promo

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Watch this couple’s short promotion. Whitney and Aaron open up about one of the hardest and most painful times in their life. Read their story in our new book coming March 2018 called “L is for loser”


L is for Loser, the battle through infertility is a book that follows several couple’s through their battle with infertility. This raw and unfiltered book is called L is for loser…not because I believe that infertility makes you a loser at all, but for me it would be the best way to describe how I felt for a very long time. What other struggle is complete with a reminder every 30 days that you can’t do it? It includes the very real feelings of failure, loneliness, loss, and anger. The frustration at the ridiculous things that people say, maybe they are trying to comfort us, or maybe they are just being insensitive, either way the ability this has to beat you down is powerful. That said it also allows us the opportunity to become stronger, and more compassionate than we ever thought possible.

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