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Compliments can be a struggle sometimes. I’m sure I’m not alone in blushing a little when people throw out several compliments in a row. So what should we do when complimented about something we just don’t see ourselves? Well this year has been a personal work in progress on steroids…lol. Every single one of us is gifted in something, and probably more like several somethings. Knowing what our personal gifts are is so very important because if we want to make a difference in this life, which I believe is a human desire, we need to know what we have so we can choose how to best use it.

For example I love photography and video work. I love to tell stories that inspire, but those are not necessarily my gifts. I was not born to this earth a gifted photographer. I was however born to this earth with a very active imagination, passion, a will to win, and a desire to create. Because I know that, I can now choose how to use those gifts to bless others. I could have chosen sales, politics etc, but I chose the arts. I will always continue to learn and add to my basket of abilities. Photography nor video came easy for me, but the foundational skills for creative success did. Each of us was born to this earth with gifts to help others. How we choose to use them is up to us. Learning who you are is an adventurous journey, that ends at a beautiful destination. You want to make a difference? You gotta take the journey.

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