What about inner Chaos

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I had just finished my book. I was, of course questioning every detail. Would this book help anyone? Did people really care about such a subject?
I was traveling home from Virginia deep in thought when I saw this mangled mess of road signs sitting on the side of the road. I dont know what the odds are of seeing a mess like this after I had almost writen this exact same scene in Anna and Matthew’s story, one of the couples in the book “L is for Loser the battle through infertility.”

“But for her it just seemed like the road was full of deep pot holes. The road blocks were huge and heavy. The ravenous beasts were lurking in the darkness. The signs were all backwards and upside down and the rescue was off duty….permanently.” pg 31.

I remember so well this feeling of complete inner chaos through my own battle through infertility. The struggle of feeling like I was in it all alone. To be honest infertility is not the only time I have felt alone in a dark and confusing waste land with no help in sight. But I have come to know over the years and mostly through my years of infertility that I am never really alone. I have a perfect and loving Savior. He is always there and when I see the backwards upside down road signs and hear the snarling beasts lurking…I know where to look for my rescue…Up. Always look and reach up.

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