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I am a story teller. Everyone has a story, that’s what connects us to each other. Stories have the power to bring laughter and cheer, inspire the skeptic, uplift the down trodden, and give hope to the hopeless. We learn so much from our own experience as well as that of others. Listening is a gift and if we are willing to not just hear, but listen we will learn how truly fascinating people are. I love to tell the stories of everyday people who have overcome, or done something awesome. It’s stories like that that give us hope that we, ourselves can be more. That hope is what fuels great individuals, families, neighborhoods, and communities. Books and media are dripping with a million and a half stories of the few, I am interested in telling the few but amazing stories of the many everyday people all around us. Here you will find not only those stories, but updates on books and projects I personally am working on.
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Pick up your copy of my latest book called L is for Loser, the battle through infertility today.

Learn the despair and loneliness of infertility and the grace that got these women through the darkest time in their lives and how they have decided to use their experience to make their world a better place. Weather or not you yourself have struggled with this disease, you will feel their pain and learn how to be the friend that the woman in your life who has been silenced by infertility needs right now.